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What happens to my data when I cancel a service?

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21 Nov 2013, last updated 27 Nov 2013 16:01

We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of our customer's data. Our general policy is to remove any associated data from our systems within 30 days of cancellation. We may need to retain some data for operational and compliance reasons, but we only keep what we require.

There are some variations on how we handle data on a per service basis, so please continue reading for


We retain full details of domain registrations, renewals and transactions.

Hosted Exchange

Please contact us for information


We will retain records of what SSL certificates were purchased and when. We will not retain any keys or certificates issued by a trusted authority. If the SSL certificate was installed by us, we may retain installation or configuration notes for future reference.


Cancelled instances are normally removed from our servers within 30 days of cancellation. We may retain some usage and log information for use in future development work.

If customers wish to have copies of the data contained within the Instance's database, they may request it within 14 days of cancellation. Any exported data will be supplied in CSV format and will not be a complete copy of the data contained within the database.

Important: Unlike Web Hosting (see below), TaxiOffice is a proprietary product and service of Calzada Media Limited and customers are not entitled to have a copy of either the database or website upon service cancellation.

Web Hosting (including associated E-mail accounts)

With web hosting, the data includes web files, databases, statistical data, email accounts and e-mail logs. We generall remove the majority of this data from our systems within 30 days of cancellation.

We retain web server logs and e-mail server logs for upto 1 year for compliance.

With web hosting packages, we typically operate a grace period of 7 days after cancellation when customers may still log in via FTP and MySQL to download copies of their web files and databases.

Any sta

E-mail accounts will also

After 7 days, access to this data is only possible by contact us. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee for disclosure of data

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