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What happens if I don't renew services on time

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16 Nov 2013, last updated 27 Nov 2013


We do not automatically renew domains that we have not received payment for. If you do not pay a domain renewal by the due date, you risk losing the domain.

What happens once domain has expired varies according to the extension or TLD of the domain. Domain name extensions are governed by various registries. Rules and regulations vary between registry and extension.

For the majory of domain name extensions, there is a 16 day grace period after expiry where you can renew you domain name through My Account, often with no additional fee other than the normal renewal cost. If a domain is not renewed within this period this could result in additional fees to recover the domain name, if at recovery is at all possible.

Extensions or TLDs that do not offer this grace period include .at .eu .de and .jp

Some extensions like .at require renewal to be completed in advance of a domain's renewal date - .at domains must be renewed 30 days prior to the renewal date.

Hosted Exchange

If payment is not received by the stated renewal date, access to all hosted exchange services will be disabled within 3 days. Service access will not be restored until payment is received in full.


SSL Certificates have a finite life and there is no grace period once they expire. Once expired, you will no longer have the protection that SSL certificates provide and users may receive security warnings regarding an expired certificate. To avoid this, SSL certificates should be renewed prior to their expiry.

Once expired, the only way to reinstate the service is to purchase a new certificate.


TaxiOffice subscriptions must be paid prior to their stated start date. If a subscription is not paid by its' start date, the TaxiOffice instance will automatically be disabled. Any visitors attempting to access either the public or administrative components of TaxiOffice will see a Site Offline message.

More information about TaxiOffice Subscriptions

Website and Email Hosting

Payment for web hosting must be received prior to commencement of service. For renewals of existing web hosting services, renewal payment must be received prior to the end of the current hosting period. If payment is not received, visitors to your website will automatically be redirected to a holding page.

We operate a 3 day grace period for e-mail accounts included as part of any web hosting package.

If payment for web hosting is not received within 28 days of the service start date, we will begin the process of closing the hosting account.

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