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AntiVirus + LeafUrl = False Positive.

19 Feb 2015 14:01 by Alexander John

When a website falls over the cause may typically traced to either bad coding, the web server, database or just plain old human failure. LeafURL stopped working at around 19:30 yesterday for an odd and unexpected cause. The AntiVirus software suddenly and falsely considered our CalzadaMedia.Web code library to be a virus.

As its' name suggests, CalzadaMedia.Web is entirely written by us and it is used in many websites we have built. It provides common functionality and controls that are required in most ASP.Net websites. It's just one of many code libraries we have created to make life simpler. Instead of copying code from one project to the next, we just use the library.

The really strange thing here is that the exact same version of the library is in use by other websites on the same server and they weren't identified as being viruses. The AntiVirus software has had a good talking to and this problem shouldn't (crossed fingers) raise its' head again.

As we frequently use shortened Urls, some users may have experienced a few problems whilst LeafURL was offline. Our apologies to anyone that was affected.

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