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Welcome to Calzada Media

15 Nov 2011 16:32 by System Administrator

Welcome to Calzada Media. We are an Internet and web services company that specialise in developing tailored products and solutions. We are formed by two professionals a combined experience of over twenty years in developing web solutions for a diverse range of business types and sizes.

So what makes us different from anyone else? Quite simply: Quality. We believe that a website should be easy to use, simple to manage and reflects the needs and aspirations of its' owner. Our work is tailored to the individual needs, requirements and ethos of the client.

We've already developed and launched several websites, details of which may be found in Our Work. The next website due to be launched is DistributionUK, which should be going live towards the end of November or beginning of December.

As well as developing individual client websites, we are also developing hosted solutions like TaxiDespatcher. This service is being developed in co-operation with the private hire sector and is already delivering tangible efficiences and improvements within the lead organisation, Crown Taxis Limited.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, please send us a message.

To keep track of what we are doing, please follow our Twitter feed at or visit us on Facebook. We will be regularly updating this blog with information about website launches and new products and services.

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