When you browse our servers either through FTP, or via the Control Panel File Manager, you will see a number of folders located at the root of your user/site area.

Core Folders

Every hosting site will contain three core root folders.


This folder is where you should place your database files and/or any files you do not wish to be downloadable through the Internet.

If you website uses an Access database which you link to through a DSN, the database must be placed within this folder.

This folder does not contain any data relating to MySQL or SQL Server databases.

logs This folders contains the IIS log files for your site. Please note that logs are kept for 1 year as per regulatory requirements and cannot be deleted.


This is the root directory of your website where all your web pages should go and is the only one of the core folders directly accessible through a web browser.

For example, if you place a file called index.html inside this folder, its' web address is actually www.yoursite.com/index.html.

Additional Folders

In addition to the core folders, there may be other root folders present. These additional root folders depend on your hosting package and/or whether you have purchased any extra hosting features.