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FileWatcher - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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18 Jan 2019, last updated 18 Jan 2019 14:20
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What is FileWatcher?

FileWatcher is a free command line tool that allows for the easy creation and comparison of file and folder inventories. It was developed by us (Calzada Media) in response to an internal need to easily monitor our websites for unwanted changes. A typical use it to verify website files have not been modified, deleted nor have any files been added.

Is it really Free?

Yes it is Free, or to be more precise Freeware. We are releasing the binary file (the executable) free of charge. We have no intention of releasing or distributing the source code.

What licence is it released under?

Broadly speaking, FileWatcher is released under the licence of: "It's Free to use, you use it at your own risk, we retain all intellectual property ownership rights where applicable."

The full licence may be viewed on the Download FileWatcher page.

Where can I download it?

From the Download page.

What components or third party libraries does FileWatcher include?

FileWatcher uses a number of programming libraries to ease development - there is relatively little point in writing code if it already exists. At the time of writing, FileWatcher uses the following components.

We acknowledge and respect the copyright, rights and licences of the owners of third party components and libraries.

For a small tool, why is it so large?

For simplicity, we have merged all the libraries used by FileWatcher into a single executable for ease of use and distribution. This unfortunately means the FileWatcher executable is around 4mb in size.

Where can I find information on how to use FileWatcher?

There are articles on using FileWatcher within a specific section of our Support Knowledgebase. These guides include how to create an inventory, comparing inventories and reference of the command line reference for FileWatcher.

Can I distribute FileWatcher with my own application?

Not unless we expressly say you can.

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