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Setting up Hosted Exchange 2016 on Android Device

KB299 Last reviewed 12 November 2018
How to set up a Hosted Exchange 2016 account on an Android device (smartphone, tablet etc)


This article contains a step-by-step guide to setting up a Hosted Exchange 2016 account on an Android device (smartphone, tablet etc) using the Gmail App. If you are using a third party or alternative mail app, see Generic Settings for Hosted Exchange on Android Devices.

If you are unsure which version of Hosted Exchange you are using, please contact support.


Open the Gmail App. You may see an information message if you have recently updated the Gmail App, this may be ignored for now.

Tap on Add another email address

gmail_app_addaccount1.png - Click for larger image

Then tap on Exchange and Office 365

gmail_app_addaccount2.png - Click for larger image

Using the on-screen keyboard, enter your Exchange mailbox’s email address and then tap on Next (this option will not appear until an email address is entered.)

gmail_app_addaccount3.png - Click for larger image

You will now be prompted for you mailbox's password. Enter it and then tap on Next

gmail_app_addaccount4.png - Click for larger image

The Gmail app will then attempt to retrieve the Exchange configuration for your mailbox. You may receive a request to approve a redirect request for (see screenshot below), tap on OK

gmail_app_addaccount6.png - Click for larger image

After a short period, you should a list of Incoming server settings. Tap on Next

gmail_app_addaccount7.png - Click for larger image

You may receive a Remote Security Administration alert (see screenshot below) for the server Tap on OK

gmail_app_addaccount8.png - Click for larger image

You should now receive a screen titled Activate device administrator (see screenshot below), tap on Activate

gmail_app_addaccount9.png - Click for larger image

The final step should be a confirmation message (see screenshot below). You may alter the account name to suit your requirements. Tap on Next to continue.

gmail_app_addaccount10.png - Click for larger image

You will be take to the list of mail accounts configured in Gmail. Tap on Take me to Gmail to get to your messages.

gmail_app_accountlist.png - Click for larger image

If another mail account has previously been configured in the Gmail app (typically your own Gmail account), its’ messages will be shown by default. To switch to your Exchange account:

Click on the Menu option (three horizontal lines) in the top left of the screen.

gmail_app_menu.png - Click for larger image

Then tap on the Exchange account in the menu – this is normally indicated by a blue Exchange icon (see screenshot below). You will be taken to your Exchange mailbox’s Inbox.

gmail_app_menuopen.png - Click for larger image

Additional Information

If you wish to remove the Exchange account from your Android device, please

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