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Adding an Let's Encrypt / SSL FOR FREE Certificate to your website.

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07 Aug 2017, last updated 08 Nov 2017 12:31
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This support article explains how to add a free SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt to your website via the Hosting Control Panel.


  1. Log into the Hosting Control Panel
  2. In left-hand menu, expand Hosting Space Menu then click on Web Sites.
  3. Under the list of Web Sites, select/click on the website you wish to add a SSL certificate to.
  4. On the Web Site Properties page, click on the SSL tab.
  5. Under Install (free) Lets Encrypt Certificate click on Install Certificate
  6. Certificate generation and installation will take around 5 to 10 seconds. Once completed, you will see the message Lets Encrypt Installed
  7. Your website now has an SSL certificate installed. If you want to force all users to access your website via SSL, consider adding a UrlRewrite rule to force this action.

Certificate Renewal

SSL certificates created through the hosting control panel should automatically renew every 60 days.

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