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Enabling or Disabling Automatic Spell Checking in ckEditor

KB290 Last reviewed 10 May 2017


This article provides instructions on how to enable or disable SCAYT automaticaly spelling checking in ckEditor.

ckEditor Spell Checking

Spell checking in ckEditor is provided by the SCAYT plugin. SCAYT, or SpellCheckAsYouType, is an advert support solution. Further details are available at

As of Camino 1.6, SCAYT spell checking is automatically enabled by default with the language of en_GB. The SCAYT plugin is included by default with the version of ckEditor distributed with Camino


  1. Browse to Camino's ckEditor installation at ~/App/Components/ckEditor/ckeditor
  2. Create a backup of ckEditor's configuration file config.js
  3. Open config.js and change the following
    1. To auto-enable SCAYT, add/set config.scayt_autoStartup = true;
    2. To disable SCAYT, add/set config.scayt_autoStartup = false;
  4. ​Save config.js
  5. The changes will take effect the next time ckEditor is loaded.

Additional Information

For additional configuration options for SCAYT see!/guide/dev_howtos_scayt

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