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What happens in the event of the death of an account holder?

KB277 Last reviewed 14 September 2016
What to do upon the death of an account holder.


This article explains what to do with a Calzada Media account in the event of an account holders' death.

Personal Account

In the event of an account holder passing away, we should be notified and will require evidential proof of the death certificate prior to closing the account.

For information on how to contact $site_publisher$, please click here.

Taking control of account

If the Executor of a Will is required to take control of the account, they must send a request in writing stating what actions are required along with proof of their Executors status to the address below.


Access to account data

Unless otherwise specified in a will, access to all the data contained within a personal account will not be disclosed upon death.

This does not mean that data will be automatically deleted nor irretrievable. Upon request, we will make available copies of all publicly accessible data for an account (i.e. offline copy of a website) for upto six months after we have received the notification of death.

Alternatively, you may be able to access archived copies of websites using the Internet Archive's WayBackMachine.

Company Account

If the account holder representing a company or any other non-personal organisation should pass away, we can transfer the account to a new person within the same organisation.

To transfer responsibility, the person wishing to take control of the account will have to provide:

  • Proof of their role within the organisation.
  • Any new contact information such as email address and phone number.

Once we have received and verified this information, we will change the account details to that of the new account holder.

For information on how to contact $site_publisher$, please click here.

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