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Requests for Account Information

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14 Sep 2016, last updated 14 Sep 2016 13:31


This article explains how to request information about a Calzada Media account for both account holders and third parties.

Requests from Account Holder

As a UK company, Calzada Media Limited is obligated under the Data Protection Act (1998) to provide account holders, upon request, the following information (under Section 7):

  • The personal data of which that individual is the data subject
  • The purposes for which they are being or are to be processed
  • The recipients or classes of recipients to whom they are or may be disclosed

Requesting Information

All requests for information are subject to a £10.00 processing fee (VAT is not applicable).

To request information, please send a formal request by post to the address below. If the account holder is non-personal (i.e. a business, company, corporation), the request must be issued on official letterheaded paper that includes your registered address.


To pay the processing fee, you may either include a cheque made payable to "Calzada Media Limited" with the request, or upon receipt of your request we will issue an invoice on your account for the processing fee.

Request Processing

If you request falls within the defined criteria, upon payment clearance we will disclose the requested information within 40 days of you request as defined in section 7.8 of the Data Protection Act (1998).

Requests from Third Parties

Calzada Media will not disclose account information to third parties without an official request such as a court order or in accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA). These official requests can come from a variety of offical bodies such as the police or local authorities. For an offical explanation of who can request what and when, see

All official requests must be sent by post to our registered address:


Any attempt by unathorised bodies or persons to obtain information about account holders will be reported to the relevant authorities.

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