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How do I pay for an order?

KB274 Last reviewed 13 September 2016
Information on how to pay for an order.


This article explains how to pay for products and services ordered from Calzada Media Limited.

Important Information

All orders are subject to our Terms and Conditions and any other applicable legal agreements. Specific products - like domain registrations are subject to additional conditions.

Additionally, payment providers like Paypal may

Available Payment Methods

We currently offer two primary payment methods: Bank Transfer and PayPal. In limited circumstances, and only be prior arrangement, do we accept payment by cheque.

For time sensitive products and services - for example domain registrations and renewals - we recommend paying via PayPal.

Bank Transfer (BACS)

If you opt to pay via bank transfer (BACS), our bank account details may be found at the bottom of every invoice.

When paying via bank transfer, please include the Invoice Number in the payment reference.


We use PayPal for all credit or debit card payment or if you wish to pay using a PayPal account. To pay using PayPal, see Making a Payment below.

We recommend using PayPal for any time-sensitive orders like domain registrations or renewals.

There is sometimes a short delay between a customer completing a PayPal payment and us being notified. As soon as we receive payment notification, any outstanding actions relating to an order will be processed - for example domain registration.

Making a Payment

To make a payment, please

  1. Sign into My Account by click on the Sign In link found at the top right of every page.
  2. Once signed in, click on the Orders tab.
  3. Click on Pay Now link for the order you wish to pay
  4. Under Select Payment Method, click on the payment method you wish to use
  5. Follow on the on-screen instructions
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