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Reporting Abuse

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13 May 2016, last updated 13 May 2016 15:57


This article explains how and why to report inappropriate or abusive content on any website hosted by Calzada Media.

How to Report Something

At Calzada Media, we do not tolerate any abusive content or conduct that is facilitated through our products and services.

If you wish to report something on a website we host or in a message you have received that is in breach of our Abuse Policy or any UK laws or regulations, please contact us immediately:

  • On the Calzada Website, click on the Report a problem with this page link at the bottom of the page.
  • Send us message via the Support Helpdesk

If you ever feel threatened by something or someone, you should contact the Police or your local law enforcement.

Please keep in mind that something you do not like may not go against our Abuse Policy or in violation of any law or regulation.

What to include in the Report

  • The Url where the abuse occurred, or if a message, any messages you have received.
  • Why you submitted your report.
  • Any other action you may have taken.
    • For example, if the report concerns a website not owned by Calzada Media, include details of any correspondence you may have had with the website's owner
  • How you

Legal Information

Although websites may be accessed throughout the world, our hosting and email services and delivered through equipment based within the United Kingdom. Consequently, we and any content are subject to English Law. It is possible that something you may consider to be abusive or illegal in one jurisdiction may not be so under English Law.

Non Calzada Media Website and Services

There is an important distinction between website and services owned and operated by Calzada Media and those we host for other parties - i.e. our hosting customers. We do not impose any implicit filtering or real-time oversight of the content and conduct of these websites. If you wish to report any abuse for a website owned by another party, we encourage you to report the abuse to the website owner first.

If the owner does not respond to your abuse report in a timely or suitable fashion, of if you consider the abuse to be of a serious nature, please contact us including a full description of the abuse and all correspondence you have had with the website owner.

What Happens with Abuse Reports

What Happens with Abuse Reports?

All abuse reports are reviewed by a senior member of staff within 1 working day of receipt. You will be notified of the reviewers decision and any action taken.

If a report is submitted concerning a website hosted by us for another party, we may contact them to discuss the report. We will not disclose the identity of the person who submitted the report.

Please keep in mind that reporting something to Calzada Media does not guarantee that the reported material is removed or the undesired behaviour ceases. You may report something that is not in violation of any of Calzada Media Legal Agreements or any English Law or Regulation.

Can I Check the Status of something I've reported?

If you submitted a report via the Support Helpdesk, your report will appear a Ticket and may be tracked via My Account where you may also add additional comments and notes.

I've reported something by mistake. Can I cancel my report?

If you submitted your report via the Support Helpdesk:

  1. Log into My Account
  2. Go the Tickets tab
  3. Select the ticket
  4. Click on Close Ticket

If you submitted your report via email, please send us a message from the same email account from which the original report was sent.

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