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How do I report spam?

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13 May 2016, last updated 13 May 2016 16:16


This article explains how to report spam if you are receiving or inadvertently sending it.

I'm receiving spam

Spam or unsolicited messages are the electronic equivalent of junk mail. Although we operate a number of counter-spam measures, some spam messages will still get through. Many email programs now include anti-spam or anti-junk capabilities.

Please do not send or forward copies of spam messages to our Support Helpdesk unless you consider them to be abusive (see below).

More about Spam & Junk Email

I'm receiving abusive messages

If you are receiving any messages with content you consider to be abusive or uncomfortable with, please submit an abuse report. In some circumstances, we can intercept messages from specific email addresses before they reach the intended email account.

I'm sending spam

If you believe you are sending, or have been warned, that you have been sending Spam through an email account or hosting package provided by Calzada Media you need to take immediate action.

We ask that you do the following:

  1. If Calzada Media does not already know, we notify us immediately through the Support Helpdesk
  2. Check your computers and devices for Malware
  3. Change the passwords of your email, hosting and FTP accounts.
  4. Scan and check your website for any vulnerabilities or unknown scripts. Random, unrecognised PHP files are often a sign that a website has been compromised.

Spamming is expressly forbidden by Calzada Media. Failure to take immediate action may lead to your website and/or email accounts being suspended.

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