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Report an Error or Bug

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13 May 2016, last updated 13 May 2016 13:48


This article explains how to report and error or bug with any Calzada Media website or service.

Report an Error or Bug

If something is not working with our website or any of our services, please first check our System Status to see if we are currently performing any maintenance or if there are any ongoing issues.

On the Calzada Website

If you experience any issue whilst browsing our website (, please use our online Report a Problem tool.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page you have experienced a problem with
  2. Click on the Report a problem with this page link
  3. A dialog window should appear. Please complete the form along with a short description of what went wrong or what you expected.
  4. Click on Send Message. Your message will automatically be fed into our Support Helpdesk.

If you are unable to the Report a problem with this page, please contact us via our Support Helpdesk.

TaxiOffice, Camino, WebFileManager

If you experience a problem using TaxiOffice, Camino or WebFileManager, please report a bug.

Other Calzada Website and Services

If you experience any issue with our other websites or services - for example, Webmail - please send us a message via our Support Helpdesk

Non Calzada Media Website or Service

If you experience a problem with a website or service you believe to be hosted by Calzada Media for a third party, please contact the relevant website or service owner.

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