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Sharing Calendars (MAC)

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27 Feb 2016, last updated 16 Mar 2023 18:27


This article explains how to share calendars with other users using Microsoft Outlook for Mac.


1. In Outlook, go to Calendars

2. In the left-hand side, locate the calendar you wish to share.

Mac Share Calendar 1

3. On Intel-based Macs, right click on the Calendar and select Sharing Permissions from the contextual menu. On Macs without a right-click mouse, use CTRL + Click

Mac Share Calendar 2

4. This will load the Folder Properties window (see screenshot below). Go to the Permissions tab

Mac Share Calendar 3

5. Under Permissions, select the users you wish to share the Calendar with and also the Permission Level you wish to allocate to them.

Mac Share Calendar 4

6. Once you have made your selection, click on OK to save the changes.

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