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Sharing Calendars (MAC)

KB265 Last reviewed 27 February 2016
Sharing a Calendar in Microsoft Outlook for Mac


This article explains how to share calendars with other users using Microsoft Outlook for Mac.


1. In Outlook, go to Calendars

2. In the left-hand side, locate the calendar you wish to share.

mac_sharecalendar_1.jpg - Click for larger image

3. On Intel-based Macs, right click on the Calendar and select Sharing Permissions from the contextual menu. On Macs without a right-click mouse, use CTRL + Click

mac_sharecalendar_2.png - Click for larger image

4. This will load the Folder Properties window (see screenshot below). Go to the Permissions tab

mac_sharecalendar_3.png - Click for larger image

5. Under Permissions, select the users you wish to share the Calendar with and also the Permission Level you wish to allocate to them.

mac_sharecalendar_4.png - Click for larger image

6. Once you have made your selection, click on OK to save the changes.

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