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Checking DNS Records

KB260 Last reviewed 26 February 2016
Check your DNS configuration for Hosted Exchange.


This article provides links to selected third party online tools for checking DNS records.

General Information

There are a wide range of online tools that allow for quick and simple checking of DNS records. These are useful tools to check the validity of your DNS records or to find out if recent DNS changes have taken effect.

Changes to DNS records do not take immediate effect. Changes to DNS records may take upto 24 to 48 hours to take effect.

DNS Checks

Important: these tools are provided by third-party organisations and you use them entirely at your own risk. Calzada Media provides links to these tools purely "AS IS" and does not offer any support or guarantees regarding their accuracy.

Checking all DNS Records

Checking AutoDiscover CNAME records

If you wish to check an AutoDiscover CNAME record, enter

Checking MX Only

When checking MX records, enter only the domain into the search box. For example

Checking SPF Only

When checking SPF records, enter only the domain into the search box. For example

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