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Configuring Outlook 2011 for Mac for Hosted Exchange

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26 Feb 2016, last updated 16 Mar 2023 18:27


This article provides a guide to configuring Outlook 2011 for Mac to access Hosted Exchange services.


For your Hosted Exchange account to be configured automatically, you must ensure your AutoDiscover records have been added to your DNS settings.


1. Open Outlook 2011 for Mac. From the top menu, click on Tools then click on Accounts

Outlook 2001 for Mac Configure 1

2. The Accounts window will open (see image below). If this is the first account to be added in Outlook, click Exchange Account from the two options. If another account already exists, click on the small + sign at the bottom left and then select Exchange.

Outlook 2011 for Mac Account Configure

3. A box will drop down and you will be asked to enter your account information.

  • E-mail address: The user's e-mail address
  • Method: User name and Password
  • Username: The user's e-mail address
  • Password: The user's password
  • Configure automatically: Ticked

Outlook 2011 for Mac Account Configure

4. Once entered, click on Add Account

5. After a few seconds, you should be presented with an alert message (see image below). Please tick the option Always use my response for this server And then click on the Allow button.

Outlook 2011 for Mac Account Configure

6. After a short while, your account will authenticate and you will be returned to the Account screen which can be closed by clicking on the small X in the top left. Outlook will then start to sync with Hosted Exchange.

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