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How to Enable or Disable Public Folders

Article Id:
26 Feb 2016


This article provides information on how to enable or disable Public Folders within Hosted Exchange.

Enabling or Disabling Public Folders

At present, the enabling and disabling Public Folder functionality may only be done by Calzada Media Technical Support.

Enabling Public Folders

If you require Public Folders to be enabled, please submit your request via the Support Helpdesk.

Once enabled, it may take upto 2 hours for Public Folders to appear within Outlook clients.

Disabling Public Folders

As above, please submit your request to disable a Public Folder via the Support Helpdesk. Due to the operational and business consideration of disabling this functionality, we may require additional confirmation prior to disabling Public Folders.

Important: Once Public Folders are disabled, any content that they may have contained is deleted and is typically unrecoverable.

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