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About Public Folders

Article Id:
26 Feb 2016


This article provides a general overview of Public Folders within Hosted Exchange

What are Public Folders?

Public Folders are a feature in Microsoft Exchange that are designed for shared data access and provide an easy way to collect, organise and share information with other people in your organisation.

Content in public folders is organised in a hierarchial layout - similar to files and folders in Windows Explorer. Users will see the full hierarchy in Outlook making it easy for them to browse and access the content they require.


There are limitations on how much data may be stored within public folders based on the version of Hosted Exchange you are using.

Exchange 2010

In Exchange 2010, the storage limit for Public Folders is 10MB per user with overall capacity aggregated dependent on overall mailbox numbers.

Exchange 2013

In Exchange 2013, the storage limit for Public Folders is 100MB per user with an overall capacity of 5GB.

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