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Another company contacted me to renew my domain

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17 Nov 2015

Many of our customers have received an email message or postal reminder from another company stating that they need to renew their domain. We receive them too. If your domain is registered through Calzada Media, ignore these reminders.

Why are they contacting me?

Nearly all of these "reminders" are cleverly disguised attempts to transfer your domain away from Calzada Media to their company. These reminders are often cleverly written with the fine print and legal jargon meaning that even responding to these companies could result in having your domain transferred away from Calzada Media.

In some instances, you may be offered an attractive introductory rate but then becomes far more expensive at subsequent renewals. Some of these companies also make life extremely difficult to transfer domains away from them.

How did they get my contact details?

Calzada Media does not share your contact details with other companies. However, it is possible to obtain your contact details using a public WHOIS Lookup unless you have Domain Privacy enabled *

(* Note: domain privacy may not be available for your domain's TLD)

I'm not sure what to do?

Whilst we don't mind our customers using alternative companies to register and manage their domains, we do want to help you to protect yourself from these types of companies. If you are ever in doubt about any communication you have received, please contact us.

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