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Outlook Web App Light

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22 Dec 2014, last updated 26 Feb 2016 14:54

What is Outlook Web App Light

The light version of Outlook Web App is simpler and sparser than the standard version in both appearance and functionality.

The light version will work with nearly all web browsers, and is typically used if your browser does not support the standard version of Outlook Web App.

Opting to use the Light Version

When logging into Outlook Web App, you may have the option to use the light version (depending on browser). There are circumstances where opting to use the light version may be preferrable:

  • On poor or unreliable Internet connections, the light version consumes far less bandwidth.
  • If you use assistive technologies like screen readers.

Differences Between Light and Standard Versions

This section lists the primary features and their availability in the standard and light versions of Outlook Web App.

Features not available in the light version

The following functionality is not available at all in Outlook Web App Light version:

  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Instant Messaging


Feature Standard Version Light Version
Favourites folder Yes Yes
Change Password Yes Yes
Manage mobile devices Yes Yes
Use offline Yes No
Access multiple exchange email accounts Yes No


Feature Standard Version Light Version
Send & receive messages Yes Yes
Automatic Replies (Out of Office) Yes Yes
Set region & language Yes Yes
Set timezone Yes Yes
Create email signature Yes Yes
Recover deleted items Yes No
Message format HTML or plaintext Plaintext only
Message audio notification Yes No
Reading pane Yes No
Delivery receipts Yes No
Read receipt response control Yes No

Contacts and Address Book

Feature Standard Version Light Version
Create contacts Yes Yes
Manage contacts Yes Yes
Organisation address book Yes Yes
Use groups Yes No
Facebook sync Yes No

Calendar, meetings and appointments

Feature Standard Version Light Version
Schedule meetings & appointments Yes Yes
Set Reminders Yes Yes
See other people's schedules Yes No
Day,wekk or month views Yes No
Print calendar Yes No
Multiple calendars Yes No
Share a calendar Yes No


Feature Standard Version Light Version
Safe & blocked senders Yes Yes
Anti-Phishing Yes Yes
Anti-Spam Yes Yes
Trusted & Untrusted Address Yes Yes
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