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CaminoCMS & iTextSharp Licencing

Article Id:
15 Dec 2014


Selected Camino modules, most noteably Market, use the iTextSharp PDF library to generate and produce PDF documents. As iTextSharp's licencing significantly changed in July 2009, this article contains important explanatory information about iTextSharp and Camino.

Camino and iTextSharp

From July 2009, the open-source version of iTextSharp changed to AGPL v3 licencing. To continue using iTextSharp in a closed source project like Camino, it would be necessary to purchase a commercial licence. Given that a majority of Camino users are SMEs, the cost of licencing may prove to be unfeasible.

Consequently, Camino uses iTextSharp v4.1.6 which was the last version released under the MPL & GPL licences and may be used on closed-source projects.

Upgrading & Support

At present, we only support usage of iTextSharp v4.1.6 with Camino. We have not tested Camino with any other version of iTextSharp.

Further Information

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