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Camino CMS Demo Website

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09 Oct 2014, last updated 14 Sep 2021 13:11
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This article contains important information about the publicly available demonstration website for Camino CMS.

Access the demo

Update August 2021: we're currently in the process of upgrading our demo websites. Regrettably, until this is completed the Camino demo will not be available.

Important Information

The purpose of the demo website is entirely for demonstration and/or testing purposes. The content within this website should never be considered as live, relevant or accurate. By its' very nature, it is probably all rubbish or nonsense.

As this demowebsite may be accessed and manipulated by anyone (as is the nature of demonstration websites) it is used and visited at your own risk. Calzada Media accepts no liability for any material or content posted in this website.

If you believe abusive or otherwise undesirable content has been posted, please contact Calzada Media immediately via Support Helpdesk.

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