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WebFileManager Frequently Asked Questions

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11 Sep 2014, last updated 24 Feb 2016 10:49

What is WebFileManager?

WebFileManager is a web-based file manager. It allows site administrators to upload files, and manage the files and folders on their website through a web browser. It is typically used within a website's administration or management functionality.

How do I get WebFileManager?

WebFileManager is currently distributed with a Calzada Media products and services including Camino CMS and TaxiOffice.

Who manages and issues WebFileManager licences?

Licences are only issued and managed by Calzada Media Limited.

WebFileManager Licencing FAQs

Can I sell, transfer or distribute WebFileManager?

No. WebFileManager is only licenced for use by the end-user. Any unauthorised sale, distribution or transfer is prohibited.

What platforms does WebFileManager work on?

WebFileManager is a ASP.Net web component that requires at least .NET Framework v4.0 to operate.

What applications use WebFileManager?

WebFileManager is primarily used in our Camino CMS and TaxiOffice applications. It has also been deployed in specialised applications build by Calzada Media.

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