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Changes to Licencing in Camino 0.9

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30 Aug 2014

A new licencing format was introduced in Camino 0.9 that no longer recognises licences issued for earlier versions of Camino.

This does not mean your Camino licence is invalid. Calzada Media will issue new licences for anyone upgrading their Camino website to 0.9 depending on their circumstances:

Contract Customers

If you have a maintenance, management or support contract for your Camino website, your licence will automatically be updated when your website is upgraded to Camino 0.9 at no extra charge.


If your Camino website is not covered by a contract, you may not be eligible to upgrade to Camino 0.9 for free. Please contact support for further help and assistance.

I don't want to upgrade

If you choose not to upgrade Camino, your website will continue to work using the existing licence.

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