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TaxiOffice Android App Support

Article Id:
15 Feb 2014, last updated 15 Feb 2014 14:42


This article details how to obtain support and the level and limitations of support available for the TaxiOffice Android App.


The Android App for TaxiOffice enables despatchers to exchange messages with and track the location of drivers through TaxiOffice. The App has two principal areas of functionality: driver to office communication and location tracking.

Obtaining Support

If a driver is experiencing problems with the TaxiOffice Android App, there are a couple of quick checks:

  1. Are data and GPS/location services enabled on their mobile device (smartphone) and their mobile contract?
  2. Have they successfully completed the TaxiOffice App installation?
  3. Are they using the correct username and password?

If the answer to above are all yes, then contact our support team including as much detail as possible about the make and model of the driver's mobile device.


These limitations are in addition to any legal agreements and terms of service that apply to TaxiOffice and other Calzada Media products and services.

  1. Support is only available for the App if it is connected to an active TaxiOffice subscription and the owner and/or operator of the device upon which the app is running
  2. Support is limited to App installation, messaging and location management.
  3. No support is available for issues that relate to the Android operating system, the device or the mobile network.
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