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Backing up TaxiOffice

Article Id:
04 Dec 2013


This article explains how to backup or export data stored in TaxiOffice.

What can I backup?

It is possible to backup or export selected data within TaxiOffice through the Admin site. All data is exported in Comma Separated Values, or CSV format that is readable by spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel.

At present, you may backup or export the following data:

  • Customers
  • Drivers
  • Driver Hours
  • Driver Ledger
  • Driver Mobile Messages
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Items
  • Jobs
  • Loyalty Points
  • Messages
  • Quotes
  • Tasks
  • Vehicles

Backing Up Data

Only staff members that are Admins or Manages may create backups

  1. Log into TaxiOffice Admin
  2. Go to Settings & Tools > Backup
  3. From the drop down list, select the data to backup
  4. Click on the Download Excel File button
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