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Adding a TaxiOffice Staff User Account

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28 Nov 2013, last updated 07 Feb 2014 23:54


This article provides information on how to add a new staff user account to TaxiOffice.


Only accounts with either Admin or Manager roles are able to create new user accounts.

The number of user accounts, and their roles, may be limited by your TaxiOffice subscription.


TaxiOffice uses e-mail addresses for usernames. As TaxiOffice sends important messages to users, it is important that any e-mail address actually exists.

  1. Log into TaxiOffice Admin
  2. Go to Settings & Tools > User Manager
  3. Click on the Add User button above the users lists
  4. Complete the User's Details form and then click on the Save button

Additional Notes & Recommendations

  • To protect your TaxiOffice instance, please use complicated passwords. If at all possible, avoid using personal names, places or dates in passwords. If you wish to create a complicated password, try our Password Generator
  • You cannot create user accounts with e-mail addresses that are already registered within the system. This includes any e-mail addresses already registered for customers and drivers.
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