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What is the TaxiOffice Dashboard?

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28 Nov 2013, last updated 24 Jan 2014 16:47

The TaxiOffice Dashboard provides a quick overview of TaxiOffice displaying key information and links to commonly used functionality. By default, the Dashboard will appear every time a staff member logs into TaxiOffice Admin.

When a staff member first logs in, they will see a Welcome to TaxiOffice box. This contains links to guides and articles on how to use TaxiOffice.

The Dashboard is split into three key sections: Quick Links, Notifications and Recent Performance.


At the top of the dashboard, there are 4-6 options. These are links to commonly used functionality like adding a job, creating a quote or adding a customer. The links are there to make life a little simpler - there is no need to access the menu - saving staff members time and promoting efficiency


The notifications box contains important information and alerts relating to your TaxiOffice instance. These include may include issues relating to jobs, drivers and vehicles and customers. For example, if

If the notifications box is empty, there are no current issue or alerts that you need to be aware of.

Important: Subscription information is not included in the Notifications box.

Recent Performance

The recent performance box contains a graph showing the total value of completed jobs within the last couple of weeks. This is a general indicator of recent business performance.

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