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What is the domain recovery period

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28 Nov 2013


This article explains what the domain recovery period is, and how you may be able to reactivate domain names that are within this period.

What is the recovery period?

When some domain names expire, there is a grace period of upto 16 days during which the domain may be renewed without an additional charges. The availability of this grace period depends on the domain's extension or TLD (e.g .com,, with some extensions not having any form of grace period.

If a domain is not renewed by the the end of any grace period, the domain may enter the domain recovery period whose duration again varies according to extension and may be upto 75 days.

Recovering domains

Once a domain has entered the domain recovery period, you will need to contact us using the Support Helpdesk. It is not possible to recover domains through the MyAccount control panel. Our support team will inform you by reply on the possibility of domain recovery, and the recovery fee. The recovery fee is typically £75+VAT, but may vary depending on domain extension.

To attempt a manual recovery of your domain name, please include the domain name, you account username (email address) and confirmation that you agree to pay the stated recovery fee (typically £75+VAT)

Renew your domain in advance

To avoid paying recovery fees, we recommend that you renew domains in advance through the MyAccount control panel. It is possible to renew some domains for upto 10 years.

Important: Calzada Media will not automatically renew domains we have not received payment for.

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