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Configuring Webmail Signature

Article Id:
27 Oct 2013, last updated 27 Nov 2013 16:01


This article provide a guide on how to create and edit the signature for message sent through Webmail.

Please Note: This article only applies to customer using our standard mail accounts. It does not apply to our Hosted Exchange customers.


  1. Log into Webmail
  2. Once logged in, click on the cog or gear shaped icon in the top right of the web page.
    • If you have any doubt, hovering over the icon should result in a tooltip of Settings appearing
  3. The layout of the page will now alter to contain three columns. In the left-hand column, click on Identities
  4. In the middle column should now contain your e-mail address.
    • Typically, you should only see one address, but some customer may see multiple addresses. If there are multiple addresses, click on the address you wish to configure a signature for.
  5. The right-hand column will now contain a section labelled Signatures with a large textbox
    • By default, signatures are in plain text format. If you wish apply some styling, check/tick the option HTML Signature
  6. Once you have configured your signature, click on Save
    • To be able to save, a value must be entered in the Display Name textbox.
  7. A confirmation message will appear below the Save button if successful. Click on on the Mail icon in the top right of the window to return to the messages list.
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