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Multiple Language Support

All hosting packages include support for multiple programming and scripting languages. We currently support the following languages:

Microsoft ASP.Net

Microsoft ASP.Net

ASP.Net is Microsoft's framework for building great websites and web applications using Web Pages, Web Forms or MVC.

.Net Framework 2, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 are available automatically. .Net Framework v1 is available upon request.


One of the most widely used and general purpose scripting languages available, PHP is especially suited for web applications.*

We currently run PHP v5.3.13 on all of our server. We do not currently support PHP v4.x



Perl is a highly capable, feature rich programming language with over 24 years in development. We use Perl internally to power a number of key systems.*

Our servers currently run ActiveState Perl v5.14.2.1402

* Please note that our hosting servers run Microsoft IIS 7.x and some PHP or Perl functionality may not operate as expected within this environment.

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