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.BIO Domain Registration

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1 year

A .BIO domain is the web address for personal biographies or the Organic Food industry.

.BIO domain is ideal if your business or personal interest include agriculture, biology, biotechnology, biomedicine.


A .BIO domain is ideal for publishing your personal profile. Promote your biography with a unique and personalised .BIO domain name. Promoting your abilities, accomplishments and knowledge all starts with a great web address.

Organic Food & Farming

.BIO is the domain space created for the organic food and farming industry.

Approved by IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, a .BIO domain is primarily intended for organic farming and food industries, but is also suitable for anyone interested in agriculture, biodiversity, biology, biotechnology or bio-medicine.

Important Note

By registering a .BIO domain for use by an organic industry, the registrant has to commit to not to undermine the Principles of Organic Agriculture as formulated by the IFOAM (POA). If the registrant is a producer, a transformer or retailer in the field of agriculture, food and farming, the registrant commits to abide by POA and by any regulations in force in the relevant markets where the registrant intends to present or promote its products within the on-line content associated with this .BIO domain name(s).

Features & Information



Who can register a .BIO domain?


Registration Period

1 Year

Renewal Period

Upto 10 years

Renewal By

A .BIO domain must be renewed before its’ expiration date.


At least one nameserver.





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All domain registrations are subject to registry approval and domain availability.
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