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Whiteleaf Networks Limited

The Client

Whiteleaf Networks is a web hosting and services provider based in south-east England. Their website is the principle point of access for new and existing customers. Their website is not only a sales and public relations tool, but also a single point of contact for customer support and assistance.

The Brief

Whiteleaf Networks were looking for a solution that was easy to use, flexible and would cater for future expansion of functionality. Furthermore, any solution should not be radically different in look or operation from the existing website so to minimise potential confusion amongst existing customers. A key stipulation was that any solution must run on Whiteleaf Networks own content management system (CMS), VerdeBazaar.

The Solution

Our solution is a modern design that also incorporates some design cues of its' predecessor. The result is a solution where the design complements and enhances the content allowing visitors to find the information they seek quickly and easily.

The stipulation of using Whiteleaf Networks' own CMS, VerdeBazaar, proved to be extremely successful. We were able to easily integrate and expand its' already rich capabilities and power to deliver the solution to schedule and to budget. Additionally, the use of their own system empowers Whiteleaf Networks to develop further capabilities to suit their own operational demands.


Technologies Used

Whiteleaf Networks VerdeBazaar CMS (Latest stable version)

Microsoft ASP.Net 3.5, MySQL Server 5.1

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