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The Client

Craig & Corinne Shore (and their dog Molly!) have retired from the UK rat-race and are sailing around the world.

The Brief

The clients were looking for a blog-type site so they could share their progress and experiences with their friends and family. As the information could be sensitive or personal, they required a solution that would not be accessible to the casual visitor. Access to the website would be controlled by the client with visitors being invited to join.

The Solution

Early into the development process, we quickly determined that the security and access control requirements of this project precluded against the use of any standard blogging patforms even when expanded using 3rd party plugins. None of the plugins we tested matched the client requirements.

To achieve the client's requirements, a custom solution was required and it was delivered through a combination of our Camino Content Management Systemand an enhanced version of the Camino Blogging module coupled to a customized frontend. The resulting solution has satisfied and surpassed the client's requirements and expectations.

The website's design centres around the concept of sailing and distant horizons. Although the obivous colour for this would be predominantly blue and white, we have also blended in greens and tonally useful greys to produce a clear and intuitive design.

Website: (Please don't apply for an account unless you are friends or family of Craig & Corinne Shore).

Additional Information

Sea2Shore is managed by Calzada Media as part of an ongoing management contract. As part of this, Sea2Shore is hosted by Calzada Media and is regularly upgraded to the latest version of Camino CMS.

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