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Lamella Heating Supplies

The Client

Lamella Heating Supplies is a distributor of quality heating and plumbing components to the trade and merchant industry in London, South-East and Central England.

The Brief

The existing Lamella website had changed little since it was originally launched. Now over 7 years old, it offered little in the way of user interaction or the provision of dynamic functionality. Furthermore, as the site was not linked to the catalogue, the management of listed products required manual editing of website files.

The new website was to satisfy a number of criteria:

  • A design that reflected the corporate image of Lamella Heating Supplies
  • Easy to manage through a single management interface
  • Inclusion of selected catalogue products
  • Scalable and adaptable to future company operations and demands
  • Preservation of existing website content, albeit in a new page structure

The Solution

The new site design combined key elements of their corporate image along with new design cues. The design is fairly clean with an emphasis on focussing the visitor's attention on website content.

As Lamella required a technical solution that catered for ease of expansion, we utilised the VerdeBazaar CMS as a foundation for their new site. The choice of VerdeBazaar enables rapid and easy management of both website content and the product catalogue through a single interface.


Technologies Used

Whiteleaf Networks VerdeBazaar CMS (v0.2.3), Microsoft ASP.Net 3.5, MySQL Server 5.1

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