How we use cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that your web browser saves to your computer. Cookies are used by websites to store and use information during your visit. Cookies are used to improve your experience when using a website by:

  • Remembering preferences
  • Measuring how a website is used so changes may be used to improve your experience.

None of our cookies may be used to identify you personally. They are just used to help make the site better for you.

To learn more about cookies, their uses and how to manage them, visit To learn more about how we use cookies, please read on.

How Calzada Media uses cookies

Our primary website,, and our associated websites use cookies.

Calzada Media is not responsible for any cookies used, deployed or set on any customer websites.

Cookies may be used on the following Calzada Media websites:

You can configure your browser to block cookies or alert you when a cookie is being sent. If you opt to block or restrict cookie functionality, you may not be able to access some website features or services.

Measuring Website Usage - Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track anonymous usage statistics. Google Analytics stores information about the pages your visit, what links you click on, your visit duration and where you come from.

Google Analytics sets the following cookies:

_COOKIE Content Expires
_utma Random Number 2 years from now
_utmb Random Number 1 day from now
_utmc Random Number When you close your browser
_utmz Random Number 6 months from now

Our Website - Session Cookies

To run our website we use "session cookies". These cookies are used to remember selections and preferences that you've already made or information that you've already given. Certain parts of our websites - in particular My Account functionality - will not work if cookies are blocked.

Name Content Expires
CalzadaMedia At the end of the session - typically when you close your browser.
CalzadaMedia_Client two weeks from now
CalzadaMedia_Client 3 months from now

Logged in User

If you log into our website to access the features and services available through a Calzada Media account a cookie called .ASPAUTH will be created. This cookie stores an encrypted number that identifies you as logged in to our webserver. It does not store any other personal information.

Further information on cookies

For more information about how to manage cookies and their uses visit About Cookies.

For information regarding the updated law on cookies visit the ICO.

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