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AppSettings Configuration

KB119 Last reviewed 27 November 2013


This list is correct as of Camino CMS v0.5.5

Name Libraries Where declared? Description Default
CF CWF CMS Web.Config AppSettings.Config
ApplicationKey (SecurityAesKey) X X
DatabaseServer X X
DatabaseUsername X X
DatabasePassword X X
DatabaseTablePrefix X X
ExtendedTableList X X
DateFormatFull X X %D %M %Y %T
DateFormatList X X %d %b %Y %H:%i
DateFormatLongDate X X %D %M %Y
DateFormatShortDate X X %d %b %Y
DateFormatDateInput X X %d %b %Y
DateFormatDateTimeInput X X %d %b %Y %k:%i
DateFormatTime X X %k:%i
DateFormatSitemap X X %Y-%m-%d
DisplayPublicMessageUrl X X ~/DisplayMessage.aspx
UnSubscribeMessageUrl X X ~/email-unsubscribe.aspx
EnableDatabaseQueryCounting X X X
EnableDatabaseQueryTracking X X
PublicSiteCookieName X CaminoCMS
LogonSessionInActivityPeriod X X
DefaultPageTheme X X
AdministratorFolder X Used in circumstances where the Administrator interface is not located at ~/Administrator ~/administrator
MyAccountUrl X X ~/account/default.aspx
FileLibraryRelativePath X X ~/FileLibrary
ServerMacAddress 00-00-00-00-00-00
EnableCssCombination X X False
EnableJsCombination X X False
ContentDeliveryNetworkUrl X X blank
DefaultMasterPage X X NR
RequireHttps X X NR
RequireHttpsOnLogin X X NR
PermittedUploadFileExtensions X X NR


  • All configuration options within the CaminoCMS library should be accessed via the Application.Configuration class.
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