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Important: Domain SEO Registration Scam Notice

27 Jul 2015
 by  in Announcements, Customers
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Some customers may have recently received a message with the subject (your-domain-name) notice from the email address containing the text ATTENTION: IMPORTANT NOTICE and purporting to have been sent from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. An example of this message is included below (with the domain name blocked out in orange).

This message is a scam.

We strongly recommend that you do not click on any link in the message - including the unsubscription link. Just delete the message and ignore it.

We've seen this message before - May 2014 - and it is an attempt to fool domain owners into spending money on a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service from a corporation allegedly based in Florida.

All instances of this message we've seen to date have been captured by our spam filters.

domainregistrationconjuly2015.jpg - Click for larger image

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