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TaxiOffice Android App

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The TaxiOffice Android App for drivers provides realtime messaging and location management for individual drivers. The great thing is that there is no extra cost for using the App.

The App maybe installed on any Android device and will work as long as the device has an internet connection. For the Android App requirements and installation notes, click here.

Driver Messaging

The office can send messages straight to their driver's who have the App installed on their Android devices. The message delivery to the driver's App is immediate. Once any driver sends a message from their App to the office, a notification is displayed and a notification sound is played. This means that no messages are ever missed from drivers.

Realtime Location Tracking

The TaxiOffice App relays the latest location of the driver to TaxiOffice every few seconds. You see your driver's move on the map in real-time. The accuracy of the driver's location depends on the driver's device's ability to determine the device's current location.

Data & Personal Privacy

With location tracking, the TaxiOffice App sends the driver's current GPS location (latitude and longitude) to TaxiOffice. Only the latest known location is stored for each driver. TaxiOffice does not record a history or log of driver locations.

Location tracking may be enabled or disabled through the App's 'Share Your Location' setting. Location tracking cannot be enabled remotely.

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